Frederick Finale

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At long last, our time in Frederick is done and we now spread back to literally every corner of the United States. I was very impressed by the diversity of our class. I thought that would be one of the things that I would miss in leaving. But to be honest, our class was a true reflection of our work force in general. The port of Philadelphia has just as many great and wonderful people to get to know and learn from. We often hear that our employer has many faults, but hiring people with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities isn't one of them. That said, I already miss the many friends that I made over the last three months. I do hope that I see all of my classmates again at some point in the future. I'm constantly looking for excuses to visit every corner of the country, I can now pile on a very good one. 

I've posted a potpourri of photos from the last five or six weeks we were there (playing pool, creepiest, BBQfest, lunch with MD, graduation, etc.). Check them out here

Happy New Year and best wishes to you all!