The Four Humors. 2013, 55.15x15.9 cm, Oil on wood panel, collection of Jean Benfante and James Lansing, East Stroudsburg PA. 

About Us...

This is the web site for the Rogers-Moore family. It is mostly a place for me, Russell, to carry on about whatever is on my mind. 

This is the third incarnation of our website. The first site, which was hosted by Apple, had some limitations, however, the learning curve as to how to use it's software was not one of them! The biggest limitation of the Apple site is that they discontinued the service in 2011. This site is hosted by, and should be a much more stable and eventually easier for people to access and navigate. Even though the new site was much better than the Apple site, I didn't quite like the photo galleries and how they displayed all my photographs, especially of my paintings. In 2012, Squarespace upgraded their software and made some massive improvements to the way that images are displayed, or at least a massive improvement in getting me to understand how to display my photographs. Unlike the Apple software the Squarespace software is not quite as intuitive. I have had to invest a good deal of time in figuring things out, and I still have a long way to go. However, I think the results are well worth it! 

Here is some stuff about us.

Russell, a life long birder, was born and raised in Fort Mill, South Carolina. He went to undergraduate school at Temple University's Tyler School of Art, in Philadelphia (BFW, Painting, 1986). In Washington State he worked for The Nature Conservancy of Washington and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). Recently, he began working as an Agriculture Specialist for US Customs and Border Protection. Most of his career he has been a research biologist working on habitat selection in non-game birds and with invasive species ecology. He went to graduate school at The Evergreen State College (MES 2000). His thesis was Micro-habitat selection in four species of grassland birds in the South Puget Sound. He counted a lot of blades of grass one summer - a lot. In his last eleven years at WDFW he was the statewide coordinator for shellfish disease pest and predator control. He is still trying to figure out how he went from chasing cute little song birds around to regulating disease and pest of marine mollusk. Mary is a West Chester PA native and currently a school teacher in the Parochial school system. She took twelve years off to raise and take care of the kids. She went to undergraduate (BA, History, 1988) and graduate school (MA, Teaching 1993) at Temple University. She and Russell greatly enjoy cycling. Emily is in high school and reads a lot, just not about what she is studying in high school. William is in middle school and loves spiders and dogs among other things. Paddy, is in elementary school and just loves everything. They all live in West Chester PA.