A little catching up with family matters


It has been a while since I have had a chance to update the blog. The last time that I posted an update was way back on 4 November! Since then we have had three holidays and two birthdays pass. The puppy is almost grown into a full size dog, The kids are halfway through their school year, oh, and so is Mary. Most importantly I am finally finished with my training in Maryland and back with Mary and the kids.

Our graduation was on 19 December. Mary and the kids, along with Mary's dad, came to Frederick to see me get my badge and be sworn in. It was a long haul. I headed down to for the training on 9 September. We had a three week interruption with the furlough that drug thing out longer than needed. I didn't get any break from work however. On Monday the 23rd, I was back at work at the airport. I got Christmas day off, but that is about it. From here on out, holidays and weekends will be a foreign concept for me. One lucky thing is that our port does not function around the clock. The first shifts start at 5:00 AM and end around 10:00PM. Eventually, I'll get a shift that is a regular reoccurring schedule, but for the next 6 months or so, they will bounce around every two weeks. I greatly enjoy the work and I'm very grateful to have found a job that fits my knowledge base and career path so well. 

Mary is still teaching middle school boys. We are not sure how she tolerates such a thing but she seems to do it quite well. Paddy and William have started taking guitar lessons. Which they seem to enjoy...sometimes. It seems that Paddy has some issues with practicing. That said it does seem as if soccer is the sport that Paddy will pursue. He has been taking indoor winter soccer skills clinics at the YMCA. These clinics are taught by Paddy's coach and our good friend Dave.

Emily has decided to take a break from fencing for a while to focus on school. She has a very challenging english class that takes more time that she would like, however, she really likes the class, so that works out okay. Emily's hair color seems to vary quite a bit. Currently it is blue. 

Check out photos from the last couple of months here. Also, check out photos of me and my classmates from Frederick here. As always, it would be good to hear from you and what is going on in your neck of the woods.