Rehoboth Beach, DE


As I mentioned in earlier post, we were at Rehoboth Beach for two weeks. Pop-pop got us a nice condominium that was only a few minutes walk from the beach. For the most part, the weather was pretty good while we were here, although we did have solid rain for a couple of days. 

I enjoyed cycling down there as the landscape is flat as a pancake. The only real challenge at times was the wind, which almost always blows towards the north. The ride from Rehoboth Beach to Ocean City Maryland was about 20 miles. The ride down was always in a stiff headwind. However, coming back was awesome! Mary, William and Paddy spent as much time of the beach as they could while Emily stayed at the condo and read books all day. Timmy and Dotty, Kenny and Violetta and Kevin came down for visits while we were there. All in all it was very relaxing. Check out photos of the trip here

Down on the farm with Grandma and Grandpa


Back around the first of the month we all went to visit Grandma Linda and Grandpa Gene. Mary, Emily and I stayed for about a week. We came home, but left William and Paddy with Grandma and Grandpa. Cousin Ian came for a visit was well, so all of the  grandsons were there all at once. 

It was a nice stay excepting for all the rain, of which there was a lot! The trade off for all the rain was that the temperature was really cool. I also got to visit with my dear friend Laura Thomas that I grew up with in Fort Mill. She just happened to be at a potter's retreat in Spruce Pine the week we were at Mom and Dad's house. Mary, Emily and I too the opportunity to go visit her while we were there. It was great to she her after more than thirty years apart! It also rained like the dickens on that day as well. Check out photos from our visit here.