Happy New Year!

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2013 has arrived and along with it, at last, winter. Our first snow of the season was Christmas Eve, which mostly melted way by the next morning. We go our second snow in December 29th. That one has stuck around as it is still pretty icy in some places. 

For the second year in a row we welcomed in the New Year at our neighbor's Stan and Diane's house. I think that officially makes it a tradition! Most of Franklin Street was in attendance. Diane and Stan recently visited the Virgin Islands and were inspired to give us a Caribbean style meal which was quite delicious! The kids and adults were mostly segregated with the kids in the basement and the adults upstairs. I'd like to think the louder, but I'm not sure that is true. 

As the midnight hour arrived the adults and kids (minus Emily and William who threw in the towel early) converged in the livingroom to count down the seconds with the folks in Times Square. With Champane and Kid Champane (sparkling apple cider) in hand we all welcomed 2013 in style. Thanks Diane and Stan for a wonderful neighborhood party! 

New Years day we had lunch with the Fozards to celebrate New Years Day and more imporantly Louie's birthday! It was also Sheldon's birthday who we saw for all of about 4 minutes before he rushed of to Anut Sheila's house to meet up with Ricky and Cousin Sheila to head back north. Happy Birthday Louie and Sheldon! 

Check out photos of the celebrations here.

Happy New Year! 

Russell, Mary, Emily, William and Paddy