Soccer Season?

Major League Soccer has been underway now for almost a month. Today Steve and I went to the third home game of the year for the Philadelphia Union. 

Up until today, we have not had much to be happy about, other than our intrinsic need to be present at the games. Not only have the Union been winless, but the last game had weather more appropriate for a outdoor hockey game. Here is our friend Nancy trying to keep her sprits up at our mini tailgate. 

Image 3.jpg

The last home game was particularly hard because the opposing team was the Vancouver Whitecaps, whose star player is Sebastian le Toux who was formerly the Union's star player. On the up side of that game it was a draw at 0-0, so it wasn't a loss. 

Today however things turned around with the Unions first win of the season! A 1-0 win over Columbus. Steve predicted that the Union would win 1-0 with a controversial call in the last five minutes of the game. That was close as they won with a controversial call in the last five minutes of the first half. The call was a hand ball at the net against Columbus which resulted in a penalty kick for the boys in blue. The best part of today's game was the weather which was great, a little overcast but temperatures in the low 70's. 

One thing about today that was a downer was that Rico couldn't make it down for the game as he was busy moving to his new studio in Brooklyn. The next home game is against the San Jose Earthquakes on April 28th. 

Check out photos from our soccer foray's here.