Meet Charlie!


Somewhere along the way I must have said something to the effect that "if and when I get a job we can talk about getting a dog!" Of course this served absolutely no incentive for me to find a job and quite frankly I don't remember ever saying such a thing.  

Now, Mary and the kids remember things quite differently. What they heard me say was "if *** **** I get a job we can **** ***** get**** a dog!" 

Ether way, the day after we returned from the beach, Mary and the kids disappeared for a few hours and returned with this little fluffy thing! As a person that has spent their life studying wildlife I would say that based on current observations and other recent data we now own a dog.  

I have been told that his name is Charlie and that he is eight weeks old. Genetically, he appears to from a pack with a very high effective population size (layman translation: he's a mutt!). He was rescued from a litter that was abandoned along with the female. He is darn cute and a very low keyed and well behaved puppy. He is responding to training very well. 

If the truth must be told, during the two weeks we were at Rehoboth Beach, Mary and William spent the majority of their time reading books by the Dog Whisper and searching the internet for puppies, how to chose the right one and how to train them. I will say that he sure seems to make William (along with the rest of the neighborhood) pretty happy!

Check out more photos of Charlie and the kids here.