The Snow that Just Won't Go

I'll be honest. This has been a long and cold winter. Yesterday when William woke up and looked out the window he said in a weary and exhausted tone "God damn this snow." Now, Mary and I don't condone the kids use of cursing around us, but in this instance, William simply beat us to the punch. So, you know it has been a long winter when a 13 year old boy thinks such a thing about snow on the morning of the first school day of the week. 

The nice, nearly spring like day that we had on Saturday is now nothing more than a fading memory. It seems like it will never end. Hopefully this current cold snap that we are in will be short lived and we will be on to blooming flowers and buzzing bees soon. 

As for the kids, the winter took its toll on their spring break. All the snow days have whittled it down to just one day. I don't think they will have their school year extended at this point but we are not quite sure. 

For this area I can recall a few individual snow storms where we got some incredible accumulations. My first winter here in 1981-82, we had a blizzard with around 24-30 inches in one storm. But a week or so later, it was all melted away. I can't recall any winter where we have had snow on the ground for so long. If I recall correctly, we have had some snow around (as in not completely melted) since Thanksgiving. I am certain we have had it since December 20th when I returned from Maryland. 

Check out some of the photos from this snowy winter here