The person that drives this car...

IMG_0590.jpg an asshole. I told him so to his face. Why? On my bike ride on Thursday, he buzzed me by a matter of a few inches going at least 40 mph. He turned into a parking lot about a half mile up the road. So, I stopped to give him a piece of my mind. He was in his early 20's probably a student at West Chester University. I told him he needed to give cyclist more room when he passed them. He ignored me. I then told him he nearly hit me and that he was a large asshole. 


Well, well, well, what have we got parked here at the end of the alley behind our house. What I would have liked to do is taken some clippers and snipped off the valves to his tires. That would be an acceptible Philalelphia "City of Brotherly Love" way to handle things and it would have made me feel really happy. But, I kept a cool head and left him a nice little note to remind him to drive in a more considerate manner.