Bikes and School

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There are many differences between the schools that we had on the north Olympic Peninsula and the ones here in West Chester. Almost all of the advantages are for the West Chester Schools. Simply put it is just a large system with loads more money and resources. The one glaring category that the Sequim schools exceeded in is bikes. Each of the schools there, had a bike rack and they were all filled with bikes. From the Elementary school to the High School. Kids were able to ride bikes to school and park them in a designated spot. None of the schools here have a bike rack. Zero. And as far as I can tell, Paddy and I are the only ones that ride a bike regularly each day. The only other bike that I have seen a any of the schools is this one at Henderson High School. It is locked up on one of the metal benches at the stadium in front of the school. It looks like some bike advocacy is in order...